Monsour Medical Center

A privately owned business, Monsour Medical Center never was able to compete with its larger public rival in the middle of a nearby city. The hospital was never fully occupied, and never was completely finished. Original plans called for a double-winged, two-towered structure, but only one side was ever built, leaving an asymmetrical complex with a tall tower on one end and long, low surgical wing on the other. The hospital was almost immediately in debt, a trend that would continue until its closure. In the early 1990s, a second building was built across the street, and was intended to be connected with a bridge to the main building. Monsour's growing financial problems resulted in this building never being completed, and it still stands as an empty, unfinished shell to this day.


In 2006, the hospital failed a routine inspection, and had its license suspended. Only seven patients were being cared for at the time of the inspection. Having weathered four bankruptcies and facing millions of dollars of debt, its owners closed the hospital's doors for good. Though Mounsour's license was eventually reinstated, it happened too late- the hospital's owners had already given up.

Monsour looks to have been abandoned in a hurry. Medical tools and supplies, drugs, patient records, and anything considered a biohazard were removed, and virtually everything else was left behind. The level of decay in the surgical wing is appalling. It's amazing how so much damage can occur in such a short time. Conversely, the patient tower has suffered virtually no damage from the elements, though scrappers and local teenagers looking for a place to get drunk have left their mark.



Yin and Yang

Shot: July 2010


Attack of the Killer Slime

Shot: June 2010